How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin In Afghanistan

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Citizens of Afghanistan are facing cash crunch, closed borders, currency devaluation and sharp rise in commodity prices across the country. Some were helped by the growing crypto phenomenon.

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Amid uncertainty under the Taliban government, domestic cryptocurrency exchanges in Afghanistan are struggling to maintain a low profile by removing posters and contacting them more carefully.

The use of cryptocurrency has increased in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country and the traditional financial system failed.

Afghanistan has switched to digital currency in times of crisis, but the United States fears it could help the Taliban in its efforts to ease financial sanctions.

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During the joint economic crisis, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea exchanged money in secret ships. Yes! Is there any difference in Afghanistan?

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An Afghan lawyer called on the country for cryptocurrency to comply with Bitcoin standards.

Robert Viglion is probably the first bitcoin transaction recorded in Afghanistan.

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Cryptocurrency News: Afghanistan is facing a major economic crisis as a result of the withdrawal of US troops and the political crisis caused by the Taliban occupation.

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The use of Bitcoin has increased in Afghanistan as citizens seek stability between cash shortages and rising costs following the Taliban abduction.

In the big currencies issued by the central bank, Bitcoin will be difficult to control, but it has the potential to change technology.

US sanctions, failed banks, and a drop in foreign aid have hurt Afghanistans economy.

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