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Discover Bitcoin, the teeming digital currency of the financial world. Bitcoin is one of the biggest economic developments since the introduction of the Fiat currency. Expert author Pedro Franco, who is familiar with bitcoin, provides technical guidance and a comprehensive resource for cryptography, design, and economic development of bitcoin and other digital currencies for lenders. This comprehensive yet easily accessible book examines Bitcoins economic realities and technological developments and provides positive and negative arguments from several economics schools about its survival. This authoritative text provides a step-by-step description of Bitcoin operations, starting with public key cryptography and explaining transaction processing, blockchain, and mining technologies. This important resource examines bitcoins from a broader perspective than digital currencies and looks at historical efforts in favor of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is not just a digital currency. This is a modern approach to the secure transfer of value through cryptography. This book is an accurate guide to what it is, how it works and how it can initiate change in digital value change. Learn how Bitcoin works and the technology behind it Learn about the Bitcoin economy and its impact on the financial sector Learn about alternative currencies and other existing digital currencies Learn the ideas behind Bitcoin 2.0 technology Transaction protocols, micropayments, chains Learn about atomic reciprocity . Trading and more and more Bitcoins are challenging the foundations of the current financial system: currencies are issued by central governments and central banks control their supply. To understand this revolutionary technology, Understanding Bitcoin is a unique, comprehensive and easy-to-read guide.

This book is for anyone who wants to learn about Chinese Blockchain technology and its potential. This book is research-oriented and covers various areas of Chinese blockchain technology. It discusses the characteristics and functions of the Chinese bloc, including future technologies, challenges and trends, as well as case studies for a deeper understanding. Chinese Blockchain Technology: Exploring Opportunities, Challenges and Programs Covers key concepts related to Chinese blockchain technology from the very beginning. Algorithms, concepts and applications are discussed based on current market trends and industrial needs. It introduces various industrial and scientific applications and discusses the features and characteristics of this technology. It also examines future challenges and trends and provides insight into new opportunities. This book is for anyone, from beginner to intermediate, who wants to learn the basics of Chinese blockchain technology. offers the longest Bitcoin touch on the internet. Get up to $ 200 in your free Bitcoin wallet, earn a daily profit from your Bitcoin balance.

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